4 color lithograph printing process

Able Card uses 4-color lithograph presses to print cards in sheet form. This permits the printing of the cards before lamination, avoiding deterioration of the ink that is common with surface printers. Although CMYK is standard in the industry, Able Card is one of the few manufacturers that can also print PMS colors upon request to accommodate your needs.

metallic matte gloss silk screen finishes

Silk Screen
Looking to enhance your cards with texture? We have various Silk Screen colors that create metallic, matte, or gloss finishes. Each color can be applied on a specific area before or after lamination for a unique appearance.

tape laying colay lamination punching hole slot foil stamping registered hologram polish silk matte satin standard textured surfaces dies

Tape laying, colay, lamination, punching, hole punch, slot punch, foil stamping, and registered hologram stamping are performed by this department. Choose from a variety of lamination processes, including polish, silk matte, satin matte, and standard matte, to provide textured surfaces and allow the ability to write on your card with a standard pen. Take advantage of custom hot stamp dies to create your own, unique, foil design, including double hot stamp foils to emulate a hologram.

custom sizes shapes scoring irregular break aways

Custom Die Cut
Multiple hydraulic punching machines gives Able Card the ability to change cutting dies to permit various sizes and shapes, including scoring, irregularly shaped holes, and “break-aways”.

thermal dod encoding embossing foil tipping

Thermal printing, DoD, encoding, embossing and foil tipping are all performed by this department. We can accommodate nearly any appearance and / or functionality of your card. This department contains a climate controlled area as well, allowing you to take advantage of batched jobs.

affixing fulfillment adhesive letterheads flyers hangers mailers

Our affixing equipment applies a pliable adhesive to adhere your cards to pre-printed materials, such as company letterhead, flyers, hangers, and mailers.

affixing fulfillment adhesive letterheads flyers hangers mailers shrink-wrapping

Utilizing some or all of our aforementioned services, take advantage of our fulfillment department to mail your cards directly to your customers.

quality control inspect inspection precision detect detection

As part of our extensive Quality Control, each of your cards are visually inspected before shipping. The majority of precision inspection is performed by a high-speed machine that utilizes digital cameras to detect and reject cards with the slightest variation.

packaging shrink-wrap identification cartons

Standard packaging includes filtered compressed air to remove minute particulates, shrink-wrapped sleeves to avoid contamination and allow visual identification, and hand packaging in various carton sizes to accommodate any order quantity.